Integration And Troubleshooting Services

In this connected age the provision of packaged plant has never been so popular. The idea of an item of plant supplied with inbuilt controls tailored specifically for the control of that plant is indeed and appealing one and one that has been around for quite some time.

However there are two main issues that can arise from the supply of packaged units.

  • Each item of plant AHU, boiler, chiller, pumpset, etc has its own control system that only looks after itself. If for example you need 2 or more items to talk to each other often there is no provision for this within the packaged controls.
  • The second issue that can arise from using packaged control units is that manufactures tend to try “cover all bases” with the equipment they supply, so instead of having a bespoke solution for your project you end up with a generic control strategy which very often cannot be changed by the suppliers engineers on site.


Control Tech offer an integration and troubleshooting service to solve the above issues, regardless of the control system or provider we can diagnose and remedy many of the issues that arise on site.