About Us

Since 1990 Control Tech Ltd has been specialising in the design, engineering, manufacture, installation, commissioning & maintenance of building management control systems and panels.   

It is our Aim to provide our customers with systems specifically engineered to meet their increasing needs for more efficient, adaptable and cost effective management of building services and environments.
Our mission is to bring value to our customers, value through service, value through knowledge and value through quality.

  • Service to our customers is our primary objective, quick response times and well trained engineers ensure that our customers are never dissapointed
  • Quality in the products we supply and the equipment we manufacture. The cost of low quality is often underestimated.    
  • Knowledge of our industry, knowledge of our products and knowledge of our customers’ expectations mean that we that we deliver value every time


Our company's ethos of customer service and quality has developed, demonstrated by steady and controlled growth since we were established. With a broad customer base and sector diversity, strong, long term relationships with our clients develop into robust and sustainable partnerships.

Our customer focused approach means that we invest heavily in the recruitment and retention of our staff, we have an excellent workforce and very low staff turnover. The majority of staff have been with the company for over ten years and continual learning is encouraged for all staff through training and vocational development. Embracing an apprenticeship scheme for young people further enhances the company's commitment to its staff whilst nurturing skills for an industry that is expanding.